Sunday, December 14, 2008

Can Somebody ExplainThis To Me?

I'm no economist (I know, supply and demand). But, I'm no Forrest Gump either. Today, in my town, I found unleaded gasoline for $1.25 a gallon (don't forget the 9/10--the fraction used in gas pricing is more nonsense I have never understood). How can we go from what some naysayers were calling the "end of western civilization" when gas passed $4.00 a gallon to the current price which is almost $3.00 a gallon less in just a few months? I didn't understand why oil approached $140.00 a barrel (and don't give me the Gulf of Mexico hurricane crap). I don't understand why it is now significantly cheaper. Bush was blamed for the high gas prices several months ago. Will the Democrats give him credit for the current price? I doubt it. The credit will go to Lord Obama (unless the Governor of Illinois is caught selling oil futures). What about all the people who sold their gas guzzlers and now driving Cooper Minis and Toyota Prius hybrids. When gas was high, the difference in what it cost to fill the tank of my car was almost 30% higher than theirs. Now, the difference is minimal. I wave at them when I pass them on the roads as their car groans while trying to get up a simple rise in the road. Perhaps they need some Viagra in the car's gas tank.

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