Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Strange Allure

Yesterday evening, several friends and I were sitting in an alcove at a very expensive Los Angeles hotel swapping stories and smoking Cuban cigars. The conversation, for some reason, turned to a discussion of "Flo" the perky and helpful woman from the Progressive auto insurance commercials. We all thought she was really great to watch. We also discussed this strange allure she has--somewhat sultry, somewhat innocent, and helpful. As more people joined our cigar-filled violation of California political correctness, all loved Flo (except some of the women liked the Geico gecko).

So, I did some research. Flo is really B actress Stephanie Courtney. An article from the Austin American Statesman describes her selection and conversion to the role of Flo. Hours of make-up and hair lead to this enigmatic character. Fortunately, she has been signed to 12 more commercials. Still, there is an allure--but we could not specifically define it. In this time of political turmoil, war, a bad economy, pirates and such, perhaps Flo is exactly what we need to remind us of a gentler, kinder more innocent time. I love Flo.

I will now return you to your scheduled programming.