Tuesday, January 6, 2009


One of the things that really sets me off are telemarketer calls. Typically, I am in the middle of some project that requires concentration and the phone rings. Lately, there has been nobody on the line--probably an autodialer verifying that the number is valid. Often, it is a nondescript entity called "Credit Card Services." They start with a recorded message that somehow indicates they are offering to lower the interest rate on your credit card. They say, "Please hold for the next representative." Bastards! They call me and ask me to hold? Several times I have held and, once the telemarketer is on the line, promptly tell them I am on the federal and state "Do Not Call" lists. They hang up as soon as I say that. I have tried this several times and always get hung up on--obviously it is a policy.

For some reason, the volume of these calls is increasing. Some are offering "important information about your auto warranty" while others are offering various services. They seem to be winning. I put a gate up to keep the Kirby salesmen, Jehovah's Witnesses, Irish Traveler paving services, and similar riff-raff from my front door. It has worked except for the brazen idiot who has steadfastly determined that I need solar screens. A shotgun has been shown to the salesman on one such occasion. But, the telemarketer calls are a conundrum. They evade the "No Call Lists", call blocker, and similar tactics. Bastards!

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